Science Expo

science fair

Science Expo Night – Thurs, March 8, 2018  6:00pm – 8:00pm

Project Drop-off and setup is from 6:00-6:30pm the night of Expo!

Project reviewing will begin at 6:30 starting with Kindy/1st grade projects. 

Science Expo Project Guidelines & Examples

Science Fair Entry Form March 2018

Has your child ever wondered about why different kinds of fruits have different kinds of seeds? Or, why do apple slices turn brown in my snack? Why does the house creak at night? Why did playing with a magnet ruin my mom’s computer?

Time to let those scientific imaginations go and design an experiment reflecting your curiosity and interests. The goal of the Science Fair is to promote scientific thinking, creativity and innovation. Students can do an experiment or create an invention – their choice!

Here are a few simple guidelines for participating:

1. Pick a project idea and sign up, either individually or with a friend. Two to four people may work together.

Only one entry form is needed per group. The parent signing the form must ensure that all parents are aware and in agreement.

Each entry will receive a tri-fold presentation board for the project and instructions/suggestions for layout.

2. You may work with your family to do your project, but remember it should be your work and definitely your words explaining it!

3. Bring your completed projects to the Hiteon gym on the night of the Fair.

This is not a competition, so relax and enjoy. We will have reviewers speak to each participant and give feedback. You can also see other projects and relate your own experiences.

Below are some helpful links:

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