Passport Club

Due to space restrictions, we have split our Map Check Day into two mornings. This will allow for a better testing experience and an opportunity for an absent student to test on alternate day. Please mark your calendar with the dates listed below so you can remind students when a check day is approaching.


  • October 25 & 26
  • November 15 & 16 
  • December 13 & 14
  • January 24 & 25
  • February 21 & 22
  • March 21 & 22
  • April 25 & 26
  • May 30 & 31



8:10       Fouts (4)
8:20       Bailey (5)
8:30       Dodd (5)
8:45       Schwong (2)
9:00       Davidson (3)
9:10       Castor (3)
9:25       Logan (2)
9:35       Jeremiah (4)
9:50       Woods (3)
10:00     Hanson (1)



8:10       Nelson (4)
8:20       Steiwer (5)
8:35       Chamberlin (5)
8:45       Castonguay (2)
9:00       Klinger (3)
9:10       Maddux (2)
9:25       Bernert (2)
9:35       Marr (4)
9:50       Carlton (1)
10:00     Hassold (1)
10:10     Cristenson (1)

About Passport

The Passport Club is a parent run geography program for grade schools. There are some great resources on the website Check out the Prezi Presentations under “Resources” and you will find information for the first level of each month.

The purpose of “Passport” is to help students learn the locations of many of the world’s countries. At the easiest level our students will learn the locations of about 40 countries!

Our teachers’ support this program but may not always be able to dedicate any classroom time to study. Encourage your students to study at home so they can be successful on Check Day!

Who participates?

All of our students in grades 1-5 participate in Passport Club. Our teachers support this program, but may not always be able to dedicate any classroom time to study. Encourage your students to study at home so they can be successful on check day!

How does it work?

Each month students will learn a new group of countries or geographical features. Students are given both a blank world map and a monthly study map to use as aids for home study. PLEASE KEEP THE BLANK MAP FOR PRACTICE THROUGHOUT THE REST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. If your child loses their map or wants to get a higher or lower level map they are available in the Passport map box in the Copier/Workroom next to the main office or they can request one from their teacher.

In September, students will learn the continents, oceans, and other geographical features. The rest of the year, they will learn the locations of a different group of countries each month. Students are quizzed on check day by parent volunteers on the countries they’ve studied.

Which level should my child study?

Students decide themselves how much they want to learn each month.

There are five levels, from introductory Level 1 where students learn the names and locations of 5 countries, up to the “Geo-Whiz” levels 5 where students learn 25 countries plus the capitols of the Level 1 countries. Students learning level 5 must be prepared to pronounce the name of the capitol when the parent checker says the name of the country. If this is your child’s first year in the program, learning level 1 is a great accomplishment.

Special Itinerary

Students wanting an extra challenge, after learning ALL 5 levels, may participate in our Special Itineraries Program, beginning in October. This is just a little bit of extra geography, usually focusing on the United States and Oregon geographical regions. Students who complete the Special Itinerary are able to choose up to two special stamps for the back of their Passport.

What happens on Check Day?

1. Your child goes with his/her class to ‘Map Check’. Each child sits with a volunteer at the check table. The volunteer will have a very large map, like the blank study map sent home with your child. The volunteer will ask your child to point to the location of each country in the levels that he/she studied.

2. Your child proceeds to the Stamp Station where he/she may select one postage stamp for each level successfully completed. Stamps are glued into your child’s passport booklet.

3. The last stop, the Map Station. Here your child is able to choose which level he will study for the following month. Help your child decide his/her “level” selection PRIOR to check day, so that he/she may receive the appropriate map for the next month. The maps will go home with your child that day, so he/she can start learning the next month’s material right away!

4. The teacher collects and keeps your child’s passport, to be handed out again on the next check day. Students are given their passports to keep at the end of the year.

What happens if my child is absent on check day?

Parents can test their students at home and email their student’s name, teacher’s name and level achieved to the Passport Coordinator.  Please send this email within a week of the missed check day. Students can then select stamps to be pasted in their passport on the next check day. Also, due to a 2 day schedule this year, your student can test on the alternate day if possible.

How Can I help?

Encourage your child to study at home – 5 to 10 minutes a couple of times a week is all it takes.

Quiz your child before check day. It’s a fun and easy way to increase your own geography knowledge!

Volunteers Needed!

We need parents to volunteer on check days to help quiz students and to hand out stamps and maps. You can be a monthly “regular” or sign up to be a substitute as needed. No Prior geography knowledge required – cheat sheets are provided! Come travel around the world with us!

We also need at home helpers who can cut stamps up, make photocopies, and more. For more information on Passport Club or to volunteer your time, please sign up on MyVolunteerPage or contact the Passport Club Chair.