3rd Grade Math Labs

3rd grade Math Labs are from 9-10:45 a.m. on Fridays

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers!!


As a math lab classroom volunteer you will be working with a group of five to six students on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. The students will be divided into groups based on assessments done by the teachers.

Classroom volunteers will move from class to class and work with three classes each week on a rotating basis.

Your job is to continually check their work as they work on practice problems and try to catch errors quickly to prevent reinforcement of improper methods.

Schedule (TBD for 2017-18)

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The students are each given a packet consisting of ten practice worksheets and ten tests.

Each practice worksheet is followed by a test consisting of similar problems to those on the practice worksheet.

You may answer any questions they may have as they work on practice worksheets but cannot provide assistance on tests. Please check their answers on their practice worksheets as they work to catch errors quickly.

You will have both an answer key and a calculator.

The students will work at their own pace. The practice worksheets and tests are not timed.

The students are expected to score at least 85% on the tests. This is a point of emphasis from the teachers. Any difficulty the student is having with a particular concept should be recognized and resolved on the practice worksheets prior to taking the test.

If a student scores less than 85%, please mark the problems with incorrect answers and send him/her back to correct them. Once they achieve 85% correct, he/she can move on to the next level.

If a student seems to be really struggling conceptually, please send the student to the teacher for additional help so that you may assist other students in your group.

Each student will have a folder for the packet they are working on and a tracking sheet to record their progress. Please record your name and completion dates on practice worksheets and scores of tests.

At the end of the session, students are to place all completed and recorded worksheets and tests in their mailbox.

The students have been exposed to a variety of problem solving methods. You are free to assist them using the method you are most comfortable with or whatever method the student appears to utilizing.

Red Flags

The packets are designed for the student who requires a fair amount of repetition to master the concepts. If you have a student in your group who seems to be picking up concepts fairly quickly, or if a child seems to have been inappropriately placed based on their ability (too high or too low), please fill out “Red Flag” form during the break between classes and leave in “Red Flag” folder in the class crate.

Math Labs Crate Managers

Each class has their own crate that contains the folders and worksheets for each student.

Please confirm that each student has at least four sheets remaining in their packet. If there are less than four, please place next packet in their folder.

Please photocopy packets as needed. Master copies are kept in the top drawer of the filing cabinet in the third grade hall near Mrs. Castor’s room.

Please correct any completed worksheets or test. Please mark incorrect answers but do not write in correct answers and leave graded sheets in folder.

Please take any “Red Flag” forms with teacher recommendations and modify folders as necessary. For example, for recommendations of skip to next level, please add next level packet to folder.


This program has the potential to be extremely beneficial to all of our children. It gives them an opportunity to work on math problems suited to their abilities and more individualized attention to enable them to progress.

I need a team of six classroom volunteers every week for this program to be successful.

If you cannot make it on your scheduled day, please find a substitute. If you cannot find a substitute please let me know as soon as you can. The teachers will cancel math labs for the day if there are not enough volunteers.

3rd Grade Math Lab Chair